Electrical Air Diffuser


Capacity 70ml

For aromatherapy use. Essential oil diffuser disperses essential oils into the air and fills your room with a natural fragrance.

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How to use:
1. Connect the USB cable.
2. Fill in the water tank carefully. Pay attention to the water level, do not exceed the max line on the water tank.
3. Drop 5-6 drops of Nildeco essential oil into the water tank carefully.
4. Cover the upper cover and enjoy the scents.


Aromatherapy: Fragrant the environment to relieve strain and ease stress.
Humidify: humidifies the air in the room to prevent hydration, refreshes the quality of the air we breathe, and adjusts the temperature in the room.
Purify: Neutralizes the static in the air, reduces infection of the skin.
Decoration: warms the atmosphere in the room by adding essential oil.


Essential Oils can stain.
For hygiene reasons, After using 5-6 times, or 2-3 days, please clean the product.
Pour out any remaining water from the “DRAIN SIDE” of the tank and wipe with a soft cloth.
Never use other acids, enzymes or detergents, as this may lead to poisonous gas to be created or cause malfunction.


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